2018 Weight Limits

Southwest Midget Football League

2018 Weight Limit Structure

Football Level

Age as of

Sept 1st, 2018

League Weight Structure

Mighty Mites

(Rookie 8 on 8)

6 & 7 yr Olds

75 LB Max

Striper up to 87 LB

No Slide Downs


(Modified rules)

8 & 9 yr Olds

9 year old 90 LB Max

8 year old 95 LB

7 year old 100

Striper up to 102 LB

No Slide Downs

Pee Wee

10 yr Olds

10 year old 110 LB Max

9 year old 115 LB

8 year old 120 LB

7 year old 125 LB


11 yr Old Slide Down 85 LB with organization and league approval


11 & 12 yr Olds

12 year old 127 LB Max

11 year old 132 LB

10 yer old 137 LB


13 yr Old Slide Down 100lbs with organization and league approval)


13 & 14 yr Olds

(8th Grade)

13/14 year old 175 LB Max

12 year old 180 LB Max

11 year old 185 LB Max

Striper up to 190 LB

(Cannot be 15 yrs old Before Dec 1st)

All Teams weigh twice per season: Prior to first season game and prior to 5th season game

Any team who makes playoffs will weigh a third time. Pee Wee and Lightweight divisions only will be allowed a 3 pound growth at third weigh-in with exception of Slide Down certified.

Any player who certifies as a Slide Down and does not make weight at any weigh-in is removed from organizational rosters. All other players who do not certify on rostered team may move up level(s) to complete the season.